Fabrizio Russo Android - Password Safe PRO


Password Safe PRO

PasswordSafe pro is an application that allow you to save your personal data (password) in a safe place. The only thing to remember will be he unlock sequenze to open the application.

Your data will be saved (encrypted) in a internal database, so even if your device will be stolen and root, your data will be useless.

Note: Starting from version 3.0 PasswordSafe pro is partial based on the new google guideline for mobile applications: Material Design.

Starting the application the first time will be asked to provide an unlock sequence. All your data will be encrypted using this sequence, so is MORE important that you don't forget it.
After, each time you open the application (or don't use it for an amount of time) the unlock sequence will be asked again.

Main Page

On the left side of application, there is a navigation drawer (you must slide from left ro tight to show it) that allow to you to filter your passwords by groups.
There is a default group (Default) that can't be deleted and will be used if you don't provide other groups.
The ALL filter will show you all password all together.

You can use the + button to quick add a new password

You can provide

  • Title
  • Group (choose between already create group),
  • UserName
  • Password (The passwords can be created random through the settings page)
  • Url or Link
  • Notes (Write free text here)

Once saved, the password will be shown in the main list

From the main list, to show a password you have two option.

a) Simply tap on password title will be shown to you a dialog with userName and password (quick view)

b) Tapping on the right icon (information) a full detail page will be shown with all informations. From this page you can also delete, modify the password data or share you password


Through the settings page you can configure some aspect of application like if generete automatically the passwords or created automatically backup (encrypted) of your data at each changes (only 4 backups will be maintened for space safety).

In the option menĂ¹ there is also the feature to export and import backups. The backup can be exported in

  • CVS : The file will have this columns: ID,TITLE,GROUP,USERNAME,PASSWORD,URL,NOTES and will be exported only in play text (not encrypted)
  • XML : The file in this format can be exported encrypted (the automatic backups are in this format) and the key for encryption is your unlock sequence, so (again) don't forget it.

The backup will be saved on your sdcard under the path :

SDCARD / data / frusso / frPasswordSafe

Where here the SDCARD is your INTERNAL sdcard (if your device have also an external sdcard be sure to save your data if you want change device)

During the export process the real path (as mounted on your device) will shown clearly.

If you have any question or suggestion, please use the feedback function to send a message to the developer.