Fabrizio Russo Android - Clock And Calendar Widget


Clock And Calendar Widget

Clock & Calendar Widget + is a widget designed for Android 3.2 and above.


It shows the actual time, weather informations, battery information, a toolbar with shortcuts to your favorite applications and the next events as defined in your calendars.


Thanks to the android 3.2 (and above) features, the list of events is now scrollable. It's also possible (through configuration settings), show a quick toolbar to fast access to your favorite applications.


Through a settings button (or when you add a widget to home), will be shown the configuration page, where you can define:


  • Date formats
  • Text colors for events and for today events
  • Select which application launch tapping on clock (clock, calendar, or widget settings)
  • Which calendar use (select calendars to use to find next events)
  • For how many days search next events
  • Scroll events in widget (feature available from Android 3.x)
  • Show or hide weather information
  • Your location (for use to get weather information)
  • How many often update weather info
  • Weather info on widget (only smartphone)
  • Show or hide battery information
  • The widget works on Android 3.2 and 4.x, I have


The widget is resizable both in horizontal and in vertical space.